Friday, December 4, 2020

The best gifts for Baby Yoda fans

If you have Mandalorian fans in your house then this gift guide is perfect for you.

If there's one thing we've looked forward to during this strange year then its been the release of The Mandalorian. Not only is the series amazing to watch but it's brought us some much loved new characters. I have to admit The Child has quickly become one of my favourite Disney characters with his cuteness being irresistible. There's been so much wonderful merchandise released and quite frankly, I want it all. 

Here are the best gifts for Baby Yoda fans:

Baby Yoda 2021 Square Wall Calendar - Danilo *

This calendar is by far the cutest in the galaxy. I can't wait to see this loveable face every morning. It features 12 pictures along with cute quotes and each day is shaped with The Child Pram. My favourite month is March featuring a quote that says 'When the boss is looking for you at 5pm'. I don't want to give the pictures away in this post but if you head over to my Disney Instagram account then you will soon find some sneak peeks.

At the time of publishing this calendar costs £9.99 and you can buy it direct from Danilo.

Baby Yoda The Child Backpack by Danielle Nicole - Truffle Shuffle 

When I saw this bag I knew I had to have it. The pictures don't do it justice. It feels beautiful and has an amazing sparkle to it. I have no shame in admitting I treat it like my baby when I use it. It's designed by Danielle Nicole (one of my favourite Disney bag designers) and it would make one very special Christmas gift under the tree this year. 

At the time of publishing the post it costs £79.99 from Truffle Shuffle.

The Child Shadow Palette - ColourPop Cosmetics

For beauty fans, The Child limited edition eyeshadow palette from ColourPop Cosmetics is a must. It features vibrant olives, golds and neutral tones.

The Child Metal Water Bottle - Half Moon Bay

Keep hydrated with this Baby Yoda metal water bottle. It's perfectly sized for Santa to pop in a stocking. It's currently £18.99 (at the time of posting) and available from Half Moon Bay.

The Child All Over Print T-Shirt by Cakeworthy - Truffle Shuffle

This cute tee is actually on my own Christmas Wishlist. I adore the colour and pattern. Cakeworthy have fantastic prints and this is definitely one of them. It's available at Truffle Shuffle and at the time of this post being published it cost £29.99.

The Child Bamboo Lunch Box - Very Neko

This adorable lunchbox will make your snacks at work seem irresistible. We've all loved watching The Child swallow up his favourite bites to eat and who can forget the episode when he was eating all the eggs!! It's available from Very Neko and at the time of publishing it cost £14.99.

There are so many more items I could have included such as the sought after animatronic The Child but these are my top picks. 

*Items marked with this Asterix have kindly been gifted to me*

Please note that some images are my own and others are taken from the shops included in the post.

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