Sunday, November 1, 2020

10 Disney Park Withdrawal Symptoms

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I am currently suffering with Disney Parks withdrawal. Yep it's an actual illness. Any die hard Disney fans will tell you that the Disney blues are real and boy do they hit you hard. Whilst the illness is not life threatening or dangerous it can cause many side effects such as intense cravings to get to a Disney park and when that can't be achieved you feel like you've had the magic sucked out of you. Read on to see if you are affected.

Symptoms of Disney Park Withdrawal:

1) Booking a Disney Holiday

You've got your magical planner out and you have priced up every Disney park and will head to which ever one suits your budget. You've already compared prices of hotels, Disney packages, flights and food. You've listed everything in pretty colours and decorated the price lists with Mouse heads. You've pretty much packed your suitcase already.

2) Checking the Disney Parks Apps

You're not even in a park, in fact you're sat at home in bed in your Disney Primark Pyjamas looking at the queue times. You are literally raging that Flight of Passage is only 45 minutes!!!!! 

3) You have a Disney Instagram Account

The easiest way to feed your Disney Park cravings is to surround yourself with people with a common interest. You have started up a Disney instagram account and you just can't get enough. Pictures, IGTV, Reels, what more could you ask for than thousands and thousands of Disney obsessed people in the Disney community sharing your passion.

FYI - Here's a link to my Disney insta cause I've obviously got one, My Instagram

4) Finding a Magical Shopper and Buying EVERYTHING

This point follows on from point number 3. Following the Disney community means you're faced with seeing so much Disney merch and clothing. You can't get over the fact that they released that much coveted Spirit Jersey after you've left the parks and you just have to have it. That's where your magical shopper comes in. They will find it for you, pack it up and ship it over. You don't even care that the customs fee will most likely set you back more than a trip to the cinema for 2. It's worth it. You have to have all the stuff!!!

5) Wearing your Ears

You wear your ears all around your house but when the Disney blues really kick in, you wear them anywhere and everywhere. You stare at them and plan your next Disney park outfits.

6) Waffle Breakfasts are a Thing

Mickey shaped Waffles and Pancakes are now a thing for you.

7) Listening to Disney Music

It's a small world is on repeat, you're smiling, you're happy. Next up is Fantasmic and those memories make you start crying ugly tears. Take me home!

8) Watching YouTube Videos

You spend a lot of your free time watching your favourite Disney you-tubers especially the one's who are still visiting the parks. The sights, the sounds, the smells, you feel it all. It's like you're back home.

9) Getting Crafty

You have been browsing your Disney things for too long. You've come up with lots of grand ideas on how to make them look pretty and stand out. You've ordered endless things from Etsy etc. You've started scrapbooking, your pins are now organised in box frames and on flag pennants, you have an ear holder, you're making gifts.You name it, you've pinterested it and you've started it. You may not have finished it but you've made a start and that makes you feel joyful.

10) Browsing Old Photos

You've been looking at Facebook and Instagram archives. Why oh why have you reminded me of my Dole Whip? You evil social media channel. You stare at your albums endlessly and flitter between bouts of sheer joy and magic to an intense feeling of sadness. 

Do you have any of these symptoms? If so I feel you. Let's all wish on a star and hope we can be back in the magic soon.

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